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Technical interviews are difficult. So I decided to gather resources that will help you crush your next interview.

1. Coding Interview University

A complete computer science study plan to become a software engineer.


2. JavaScript Algorithms

Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings


3. Tech Interview Handbook

Materials to help…

With Kotlin Coroutine 1.2.0 alpha release Jetbrains came up with Flow API as part of it. With Flow in Kotlin now you can handle a stream of data that emits values sequentially.

In Kotlin, Coroutine is just the scheduler part of RxJava but now with Flow APIs, it can be…

This tutorial gives a core overview of the programming language Dart

Dart is an open-source general-purpose programming language. It is originally developed by Google and later approved as a standard by ECMA. Dart is a new programming language meant for the server as well as the browser. Introduced by Google…

How to detect and fix security vulnerabilities in your dependencies using Snyk?

Making sure your application is as secure as possible is very important. Having security vulnerabilities can lead to serious consequences if they are exploited. You should always make sure your own code is as safe as possible.


Recently I have setup Spring boot admin in my one of Project To Monitor and manage my Spring Boot apps with a nice UI on top of Spring Boot Actuator endpoints. Spring Boot admin really cool build on top of Spring boot Actuator.

Spring Boot Actuator

The actuator is a Spring Boot module…

The Difference between the async pipe and Subscribe in Angular.

I think we should always use async pipe when possible and only use .subscribe when the side effect is an absolute necessity.

So today I would like to discuss and give explanations which I think will help in understanding when…

In Mobile App, it’s essential to avoid blocking the main thread.

The main thread is a single thread that handles all updates to the UI. It’s also the thread that calls all click handlers and other UI callbacks. As such, it has to run smoothly to guarantee great user experience.

Here is the collection of useful Kotlin Extension function that might speed your development. Just Make Extension.Kt Kotlin file copy and paste this code.

The basic approach to hosting a Node application on Heroku is:

  1. Have your package.json the file defines any required dependencies (e.g. the dependencies that will already be there)
  2. Specify what node version you want to use in package.json
  3. Specify a start script in package.json that tells Heroku how to start…


ISOP app is your virtual classroom. Virtual classroom allows you to learn when you like, not when bell rings.

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